Roosevelt Island Promenade Walkthrough

Blackwell Unbound

The first case on the list of potential cases involves a Sax player on the Roosevelt Island Promenade. This walkthrough will take you through all of the steps required to help lay to rest this spirit. Included are a detailed write-up, screenshots, and a full video walkthrough.

Note: you need the Dictaphone & Camera from Lauren's apartment to solve this case. See this walkthrough if you need help finding these items: Getting Started.

Detailed walkthrough for freeing the Sax player on the Roosevelt Island Promenade in Blackwell Unbound.

The Spirit on the Promenade

When you arrive at the Roosevelt Island Promenade it won't be long before a ghostly saxaphone appears, soon joined by the spirit playing it. Lauren herself will be unable to interact with the spirit at this time, so you'll have to switch to Joey.

First have Joey try to talk to the ghost. When this fails, have Joey grab the ghost's Saxaphone by clicking on it. You'll then have a conversation that will quickly end with Joey getting smacked by the Saxaphone. The conversation, however, will provide you with a single clue.

You'll have to be friendly, then firm, with the ghost on the Promenade.

Before switching back to Lauren, have Joey talk to her. Then open up her notebook and click on 'Johnny Ivory's'. This will prompt Lauren to mention using the phone book.

Return to Lauren's apartment and click on the phone book. Then type in Johnny Ivory. This will immediately provide results, including an address, which will be a new map point for you to explore.

Johnny Ivory's - The First Visit

On your first visit to Johnny Ivory's there are a few things that you'll need to do. First of all, talk to the piano player. He'll introduce himself as C. However, at this point, he doesn't really provide any useful information. What you actually need to look at is the photo on the wall behind him. Then look at the sheet music on his piano.

At Johnny Ivory's the first things of importance are the sheet music on the piano and the photo on the wall behind the piano player.

Once you are done talking with C, look at the photos on the wall behind him. Lauren will spot one of particular interest. Click on each person in the photo to get a comment from her. You need to do this or you'll have to do it later, either way, it's required to get your final information.

Before you exit the closeup of the Photo, you should also click on the gold stamp at the bottom of the photo. This will give you the clue about Jambalaya Records. But you're not done with that photo yet. Click on the Camera in Lauren's inventory. Then click on the photo on the wall to have her take a picture of it.

As a last task before leaving Johnny Ivory's, switch to Joey and have him look at the sheet music on the piano by clicking on it.

That is all that you need to do here for now. The next step is to return to Lauren's apartment and have her look in the phone book for Jambalaya Records. Don't bother wasting your time calling, just head on over there. You'll have it on your map now that you have looked it up in the phone book.

Jambalaya Records

The first thing to do at Jambalaya Records is to click on the photo in Lauren's inventory and then click on Dwayne, the man behind the counter. Lauren will then show him the photo.

Dwayne will then tell you a bit about the C Sharps, the band in the photo. What you need to do next is exit the conversation wtih Dwayne and open the notebook. Click on C Sharps, then on Cecil Sharpe. This will then give Lauren the idea of putting them together to firm Cecil and the C Sharps. Speak to Dwayne again. Use the note book and select Cecil and the C Sharps. He will confirm that this is correct.

Dwayne at Jambalaya Records can help you connect C with Cecil Sharpe, and then with the C Sharps.

Johnny Ivory's & The Identity of the Ghost on the Promenade

Head back to Johnny Ivory's. This time you can get some decent answers out of Cecil, but don't expect him to be happy about it. Please note that if you have not clicked on each of the people in the photo on the wall behind Cecil, you should do so before you talk to him. Until you have done so, you won't be able to leverage the information from Cecil.

Not only does Cecil know the identity of the Sax player, but with the right motivation, you can get him to tell you.

You should now be able to use the notebook to pry the identity of the Sax player out of Cecil. If you have trouble, exit the conversation and look at the photo again; then click on all the people, talk to Cecil, and try the notebook again.

He will give you the name Isaac Brown. Ask Cecil about Isaac Brown until he clearly has nothing more to say. You'll get another clue from him, the New Yorker. Talk to Cecil about this and he will give you a reporter's name, or at least part of one, Mitchell.

Mitchel and the New Yorker

With the reporter's name, Mitchell, and the name of the magazine, the New Yorker, you're set to return to Lauren's apartment. You have to use the phone book once again and this time search for New Yorker. (If you have already met this reporter, all you have to do is go and talk to him, since Lauren has already looked up the magazine and called in.)

But, before you try to head over there, you have to call. You'll get an answer from the magazine. You'll also be able to confirm the name of the reporter. However, you'll get no answer from the reporter's desk. Now is the time to head over there and talk to him in person.

When you arrive at the New Yorker you'll automatically enter the office of Joseph Mitchell, the reporter who spoke with Isaac Brown. What may surprise you is that he seems to respect people's privacy a great deal and doesn't want to discuss the matter. If you do push him a little you will get some information and he does let it slip that Isaac had a sister, but he won't give you a name.

Head over to the New Yorker and talk to Joseph Mitchell. He won't give you much information on Isaac Brown, but he does let it slip that he had a sister.

Johnny Ivory's & Isaac Brown's Duet

Once you have finished your conversation with Joseph Mitchell, head back to Johnny Ivory's and talk to Cecil. As soon as you mention Isaac's sister, however, he tells you it's time for you to leave. This is when you need to swtich to Joey. Once you have switched to Joey, just click on Cecil and Joey will mention that it seems Cecil is hung up on a woman.

You need to get Cecil to play a special tune on the piano for you. Record it using the Dictaphone.

Now is the time to switch back to Lauren and ask Cecil about Love. This will get you the information you need. He'll tell you her name was Sarah, and you'll get a bit of information out of him on that topic if you ask a few times. When you reach the end of his responses regarding Sarah, ask him about Isaac again.

This is the line of questioning you want to follow until he tells you about a duet Isaac and his sister used to play at the end of thier gigs. He'll even play it for you. This is what you need. Have him play it again, and use the Dictaphone on Cecil to record the music.

The Final Laying to Rest of Issac Brown's Spirit

With the recording of Cecil playing the Piano you need to head back to the Roosevelt Island Promenade. When you get there use the Dictaphone on Isaac and he'll snap to and accept that both he and his sister are dead. You'll then head off todo what you do. Congratulations, you've now solved this case and laid to rest the restless spirit of Issac Brown.

With the recording on the Dictaphone you will be able to lay to rest the spirit of Isaac Brown. He is the spirit that has been haunting the Roosevelt Island Promenade.

Just before Isaac heads into the light, he will mention a crazy old lady. I've provided some information on her and the interludes between cases in the section Interludes & The Countess - Blackwell Unbound.

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