Getting Started

Blackwell Unbound

In this little walkthrough for Blackwell Unbound we'll show you how to get started as the game itself doesn't really help you get on your feet. Also note that in the walkthroughs on this site we tackle the cases starting with the Construction Site and then moving on to the Promenade. You don't have to do the cases in this order. The only actual order in the game that is hard wired is that you need to start at the apartment and end with the Countess, which you can only proceed with once the two cases are finished.

Detailed walkthrough for Getting Started in Blackwell Unbound, including write-up, screenshots, and video.

When the game starts Lauren and Joey will have a bit of a spat and you'll be able to tell that she's a wee bit upset. As soon as you are in control of Lauren, press TAB to switch to Joey. Once you have control of Joey move him over to talk to Lauren by clicking on the floor.

It doesn't seem to matter which option you choose in the conversation initially, but as a second conversation option, Direct Insult seems to be a good one to spark Lauren into action. They will get in a bit more of a spat after which you should switch back to Lauren.

There are actually 3 things that you need to do:

1. Have Lauren pick up the Camera on the coffee table.

2. Have Lauren pick up the Dictaphone that is on the arm of the sofa.

3. Look at the note in Lauren's inventory and click on the bottom two possible cases.

(See screenshots 1 & 2 below.)

Once you have collected the two items and clicked on the two possible cases, click on the apartment door at the far right to have Lauren leave. This will take you to the map screen.

At this point you can choose where to go. It doesn't matter which case you choose first.

Pick up the Camera from the coffee table and the Dictaphone from the arm of the Sofa.

Open notes and click on the last two Possible Cases on the list.

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You can also find this video on YouTube:

Getting Started Walkthrough - Blackwell Unbound