Day One Walkthrough

Blackwell Legacy

This walkthrough is for Blackwell Legacy Day One and will take you through the entire day, from beginning to end, until Rosa finally makes it to bed. Included below are a detailed write-up, screenshots, and a video of the entire day.

Detailed walkthrough for Blackwell Legacy Day One. Includes write-up, screenshots, and video.

Getting past the Doorman, Jim Burton

Blackwell Legacy starts off throwing you straight into a wall. Rosa needs to go home, but the temporary Doorman, Jim Burton, won't let her in. To make matters more interesting, there is no way she'll be able to get in on her own. You need to talk with Jim until you get the conversation to asking for help. This will give you the tip that a neighbour is at the park. You need to go talk to Nishanti Sharma. She can get you into the building.

When Rosa returns to her apartment she is stopped by Jim Burton, the temporary Doorman.

Nishanti Sharma & Washington Square Park

After the doorman gives you the tip regarding Nishanti at Washington Square Park you'll have a new map icon. Head over to the park. The area that you arrive in has a dog run in the immediate background. Click on the red sign on the gate to the Dog Run before proceeding further into the park. If you're having trouble finding where to click, just run your mouse along the top of the screen on the left side.

Nishanti is to the right in this area. First you should head over and click on Nishanti to have Rosa try to talk to her. Unfortunately, Rosa will be too shy to interrupt her in front of the crowd. The trick here is the little dog. What you have to do is walk to the top of the screen near the dog. Then walk to the left past the lamp post. Once you and the dog have passed the lamp post, head downward and make sure the dog's leash is winding around the lamp post. Then start walking back in the direction of Nishanti.

In order for Rosa to ask for Nishanti's help she will need to get Moti's leash tangled around the lamp post.

With Moti's leash around the Lamp Post Nishanti will come over to help. That will be Rosa's chance to talk to her. After a short conversation the two of them will head back to the apartment building.

Back in Rosa's apartment the phone will ring. It's Bellevue Hospital, and the doctor would like to speak to Rosa. That will be her next destination.

At Bellevue all you have to do is have Rosa speak to the guard and ask to see the Doctor. He will ask for proof, which Rosa will provide automatically. Now the doctor has a lot to say. All of it is backstory about Rosa's aunt and grandmother. This is also the only conversation you actually need to have with the Doctor.

After the conversation with the Doctor, head back to Rosa's apartment. Upon arriving you should notice an envelope on the floor just inside Rosa's door. Have Rosa pick up the envelope and then open it from her inventory.

As soon as you are done looking through the items in the envelope, the phone will ring. This time it will be Rosa's boss at the paper.

After examining the contents of the envelope from Bellevue Hospital, Rosa's boss will call with a new assignment for her.

JoAnn and her Roommate, Kelly

To satisfy Rosa's Boss she will need to interview two people, and get a photo of JoAnn. The first two are straight forward, but the third one takes a bit of creativity.

Head over to Brittany Hall Dorm. You first need to talk to the R.A. Just mouse over each door as you come to it and you'll eventually see one that says 'R.A.'s Door'. Click on this one and you'll start a conversation with Adrian. There are three things you need to ask him about from your note book: JoAnn, JoAnn's suicide, and Adrian. Once you have asked him about all three points, it's time to go speak to Kelly.

Kelly won't be very cooperative but we will change that shortly. For now just ask her about JoAnn and JoAnn's suicide. This will give you all the information you need for the moment.

Go and talk to Adrian again. This time ask him about the note you wrote about JoAnn sleeping all night. He'll tell you he wouldn't know, but does mention that Kelly hasn't complained. In addition, he gives you another clue. Kelly slept elsewhere and pretty much only used the dorm room to study during the day.

End your conversation with Adrian and open your notebook. This time you need to combine the clue JoAnn slept all night with the clue Kelly sleeps elsewhere. To combine clues, simply click on one, then the other.

This will give you the clue you need. Now go talk to Kelly again, and this time use the clue Did Kelly lie. That will get you her cooperation. Ask her about JoAnn, JoAnn's suicide, and Photograph. You won't be able to get anything more from Kelly today, but you will have enough to satisfy Rosa's boss and write the article.

By asking the right questions you will be able to catch Kelly in a Lie, and this is the only way you can get her cooperation.

Rosa's Article and a Visit with Nishanti

Upon arriving at Rosa's apartment just click on her computer and select the option 'write article'. Rosa will then sit down and put the article together, scanning the photo and sending it all off to her boss.

However, when Rosa tries to go to bed after that, her head will really pound. Rosa will say that she needs fresh air and go to the apartment door. Head out into the hall and knock on Nishanti's door.

There are a few conversation topics you must explore fully before you can proceed any further. Exhaust all dialogue options relating to the park, the dog run, and dogs. Nishanti will make a refrence to sensing things. This is the point in the conversation that will unlock events so you can proceed with the game. Make sure to also Offer to feed dog, but don't actually do it. You'll need the Dog Biscuit for later.

After Rosa finishes her article head over to visit Nishanti. This long chat is just what you need.

Meeting Joey

When you first meet Joey you should be as accepting and cooperative as possible. For one, you don't really have a choice in the end. And for two, it will make this conversation go much more quickly and smoothly.

As you make your way through the conversation you'll hit a point where Joey asks you where it was you started feeling sick. And the answer he is looking for is the Dog Run.

When Joey asks where Rosa sensed something, the answer he is looking for is The Dog Run.

The Ghost at Washington Square Park

Shortly after arriving at the park Rosa will see her first ghost other than Joey. During the conversation with this spirit you don't really have to worry about your dialogue path. Just meeting this spirit was actually enough to give you your next clue.

After your conversation with the spirit at the Dog Run, Rosa will have a bit of a moment. She'll head home to bed, thus bringing to a close Day One of Blackwell Legacy.

Rosa meets her first restless spirit in the Dog Run at Washington Square Park.

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