Lia & Kendra Pierro Walkthrough

Blackwell Epiphany

In this walkthrough we pick up the story at Rosa's apartment after the night at Karth House and the interlude with Madeline and Jocelyn. We take you through the discovery and the laying to rest of Lia and Kendra Pierro.

Detailed walkthrough for the discovery and the laying to rest of Lia and Kendra Pierro in the game Blackwell Epiphany.

George & Grace

So far the only clues Rosa and Joey have are that George Ostin is dead and that his last words expressed fear for Grace. Oh, and it appears that the news of his death is being supressed.

Leave the apartment and head down to the Police Station. Detective Durkin is your only possible lead at the moment, though he won't be very forthcoming.

You should talk to him about Mary Meehan from Karth House and about the news. After he thanks you for the information and tells you he can't help you with the matter of George Ostin, it will be time to end the conversation.

Have Rosa talk to Detective Durkin at the Police Station. Then send Joey inside to discover George Ostin's address.

Now switch to Joey and send him into the Police Station. Then into the back room. For now, the only thing interesting here is the bulletin board. Have Joey look at that and he will discover George Ostin's address.

Leave the Police Station and head over to George Ostin's.

Before having Rosa speak to the doorman, switch to Joey. Send him to the far left and you'll see an elevator. Have Joey use his wind power on the note twice. This will knock it off the wall and move it close enough that Rosa can pick it up.

Have Rosa pick up the note and read it before she talks to the doorman.

At George's have Joey use his wind power on the Note so that Rosa will be able to reach it.

You won't actually get much information from the Doorman, but a little turns out to be enough. Just make sure Rosa asks about Grace. This will get you the name Grace Church and a new map location.

Head on over to Grace Church. You don't have to bother talking to the priest at this point. Just use the Note from George on the Book of Handwritten Prayers.

This will unlock the clue Lia. Once you have this clue you can leave Grace Church.

Rosa needs to use the Note from George on the Book of Handwritten Prayers at Grace Church.

Go back to George's and talk to the Doorman about Lia. He will make a comment that she is a police officer. When pushed for further information he will realize that he has said too much. You won't get more from him after that.

Head back to the Police Station and talk to Detective Durkin. He will confirm that Lia is a Detective, but he will not share any more information.

It's time to send Joey in once again. Send him right to the back room and have him look at the desk on the right. It is Lia Pierro's Desk. Have Joey look at everything on Lia's desk. Of note, you'll find an envelope with Lia's address on it and a picture of a young girl.

Meet Kendra Pierro

Leave the Police Station and head over to Lia's. Have Rosa look in the mailbox to retrieve a letter. Then have her try the door. It's locked, of course.

Switch to Joey and send him inside. The first thing to have Joey look at is a key hanging on the wall just inside the door. The next thing Joey needs to look at is the fridge, in particular the drawings on it.

Joey will briefly encouter Kendra in the kitchen, but make sure he looks at the picture and comes up with the name KayKay, which is written on the picture of a troll.

Then send Joey in to talk to Kendra. Don't bother with trying to tell her she is dead or to get her to come with you. Ask her about everything else, including her father. Afterwards, head outside and switch to Rosa.

When Joey enters the Pierro house he will encounter Kendra and find a picture of a Troll named KayKay.

The letter had the washed out name Wired Ab. Her father works at the Abacus. Have Rosa use her phone to search for Wired Abacus. This will give you a new map point.

Emil Haskins and the Wired Abacus

Your next stop is the Wired Abacus where Rosa will be able to pick up a few more pieces of the puzzle. Have her go inside and talk to the clerk. Don't bother asking him about the office door. The only thing you need to talk to him about is The Weather and The Manager. After that end the conversation and switch to Joey.

Send Joey into the Manager's Office, which is just to the right of the counter. What you need to do here is have Joey look at the computer. Then have him use his wind power on the mouse. This will stop the screensaver.

Now have Joey look at the screen. The building in the background of the photo has a plaque on it that reads Exeter House. Switch back to Rosa and use her phone to search for Exeter House.

Have Joey use his wind power to turn off the screensaver. He will then be able to see the name Exeter House on the photo used as the computer's background image.

When Rosa arrives at Exeter House have her use the Buzzer. Emil will answer promptly and let Rosa come up. The easiest way through the dialogue is to tell him that George Ostin is dead. After that you can end the conversation and Rosa will leave. Switch to Joey and send him in. Have him look at the photo on the table in the bottom right corner of the screen. He'll see the date 10-29.

(Please double check in your particular game as some of these codes are randomized. The date on the photo is the code to the door at the Wired Abacus.)

Joey needs to look at the date on the photo in Emil Haskins' apartment. This date is the code to the manager's office at the Wired Abacus.

At the Wired Abacus have Rosa enter the Manager's Office. When prompted for the keycode, enter the date you found on the photo in Emil Haskins' apartment.

Have Rosa use Emil's computer and read through and click on each of his emails. You'll learn two important things. He uses Parental Eye and Kendra plays Trollgate.

Shut off the computer for now and have Rosa search for Trollgate on her phone. She needs to download and install the app. Once Rosa has Trollgate installed on her phone, open the game and try to Login using the username KayKay. When it asks for her password, click on Forgot Password. When asked for her mother's maiden name enter Pierro.

Then go talk to the clerk. You'll be able to ask him about the Parental Eye software, which Rosa will purchase.

Go back into the manager's office and have Rosa use the Parental Eye software on the computer. Then use the computer and open Parental Eye. It will automatically open the only new Email Kendra has in her inbox. The Password Reminder from Trollgate. The exact password is random each time you play the game, so write it down.

Shut off the computer and look for a key to the left of the keyboard.

Before Rosa leaves the Wired Abacus have her take the key from Emil's desk.

Then have Rosa open Trollgate on her phone and Login using the Username KayKay and the password you've just acquired. Click on every message she has in her inbox. The important one mentions covering a large hole in the basement with a shelf. Accessing Kendra's Trollgate account and reading her mail will unlock the Steam Achievement Online Troll.

Meet Lia Pierro

Back at Lia's house have Rosa use the Key on the front door. As soon as Rosa is inside have her take the key that is hanging on the wall by the door. Then have her head through the door on the far right which leads to the basement. Once Rosa is there you can have her interact with the big shelf to have her try and move it.

This will trigger a conversation with Lia. To keep things short just tell her you are the bestower and push her for details on what is going on. When she says she won't say more until you have helped Kendra you can end the conversation.

After reading all of the email on Trollgate, have Rosa interact with the shelf to discover Lia's secret hiding spot.

Have Joey talk to Kendra and ask her to come with him. When she asks why, have Joey respond using the option regarding her father. She will then mention Breakfast.

At this point have Rosa talk to Lia again. This time ask her about Breakfast. If you don't have that dialogue option you'll need to go through the other dialogue options until it appears. Then she will tell you to respond with 'Prunes and a Danish'. It's a little password game.

Have Joey return to talk to Kendra and use the option regarding her father again. This time Joey can give her the correct response and she will happily agree to go with him.

Switch to Rosa and leave the house. They will make their way to Exeter House and Kendra will head inside on her own.

Rosa can now use the key she found in Lia's kitchen by the door. Just have her use it on the door to Exeter House and both her and Joey will head up to Emil's apartment. Send Joey inside.

By the time Joey and Kendra are done talking she will be ready to move on and return to the hallway where Rosa is waiting. Just have Joey use his tie on Kendra and Rosa will do the rest.

Return to Lia's house and have Rosa use the shelf in the basement. Tell Lia that Kendra is safe and she will come out. Once Lia is a ghost, have Joey use his tie on her to send her and Rosa on their way.


Once the cutscene has played between Rosa and Lia, a cop will arrive and arrest Rosa. At that point the game once again switches to Madeline and Jocelyn. Our walkthrough for Blackwell Epiphany continues with Madeline & Jocelyn Interlude Two .

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