Gavin & The Endgame Walkthrough

Blackwell Deception

This walkthrough will take you from the final meeting with the Psychic, Lisa Tenzin, right through to the end of Blackwell Unbound. We'll also cover all Steam Achievements along the way.

Detailed walkthrough for confronting Gavin and the Endgame of Blackwell Deception. Includes Steam Achievements, full write-up, screenshots, and video.

The Final Encounter with Lisa

With confirmation of the deaths of both girls, as well as confirmation of Gavin's involvement, Lisa will freak. Apparently she suspected something, but never had any firm evidence. She'll also agree to set up a meeting with Gavin for you, but wants to leave town first.

During your final meeting with the Psychic, Lisa Tenzin, she will reluctantly agree to set up a meeting with Gavin for you.

When Rosa leaves Lisa's she will get ambushed by Gavin. There isn't really much difference in the outcome, so don't worry about the dialogue choices. He will shoot Rosa, Joey will flip out, and it will be just a tranquilizer.

When Rosa leaves Lisa's she will be ambushed by Gavin and get herself shot.

After Gavin has shot Rosa she will wake up in small room tied to a chair. For the moment there is nothing that Rosa can do. It will be up to Joey. Have Joey leave the small room through the door on the right. Then have him head downstairs past Lisa.

When Joey arrives in the room at the bottom of the stairs he'll see Gavin talking on the phone. Click on Gavin to have Joey lean closer and eavesdrop on the conversation. You'll quickly learn that Gavin can do anything he wants with Rosa, but that it's come time to take care of Lisa.

Joey overhears that Gavin can do anything he wants with Rosa but it's time to kill Lisa.

Send Joey back up to Rosa and then switch to Rosa. Click on the door and Rosa will call out and be answered by Lisa. You can explore all the dialogue options you want, but the important one is Gavin is going to kill you.

It won't take long for Rosa to convince Lisa that she's not joking. Lisa will flee, leaving Rosa stuck on her own with Gavin. This next section will unlock the Steam Achievement Unbound, which is unlocked by freeing Rosa.

Switch to Joey. There is a glass on the shelf along the back wall of the room. Have Joey blow it off. Then have Joey use his Tie on Rosa.

You'll now be able to tell Joey where to pull Rosa. You need to move her right twice, then towards the back wall once. Now switch to Rosa and click on a piece of the broken glass. She can reach at least one of them.

Then have Rosa use the glass on herself to cut the ropes, and she will be free.

Joey can pull Rosa to where she can reach a piece of the glass Joey broke. Rosa will then use it to cut the ropes tying her to the chair.

The Demise of Lisa, The Fall of Rosa, The Betrayal of Joey

As soon as Rosa is free, have her leave the small room. When she steps into the hallway you'll see Gavin standing there with his gun. There isn't any point in pushing the matter, so have Rosa sit down and talk with him. When you are ready, just have Rosa end the conversation and Gavin will agree to silence. At that point switch to Joey.

Send Joey downstairs. He will see the Ghost of Lisa head into the Crystal Ball Room. Have Joey follow her.

Your initial conversation with Lisa will go nowhere, so end it at your first opportunity. Then send Joey back into the living room. He needs to blow on the photo sitting on the table. Then he should blow on it again when it falls to floor.

Send Joey downstairs where he will find Lisa in the Crystal Ball Room. To successfully confront Lisa he'll need to use the Photo of Danny Marconi.

This should send the photo under the door and into the Crystal Ball Room. Send Joey back into the Crystal Ball room and have him talk to Lisa about Danny Marconi.

Joey and Lisa will then end up in a conversation, which will lead Lisa to head into the Living Room, with Joey following right behind her.

Lisa won't be in the next room though. She appears to be gone. Rosa is there instead, and she seems a bit weird. In fact, Rosa will trick Joey into going to the place with the bright light, and then abandon him there.

Saving Joey

After being abandoned, Joey will be able to move. He seems to have either heard or seen someone. Keep moving him to the right until he finds and is able to talk to Madeline.

When Madeline tells Joey everything about the link, simply end the conversation with Madeline. Then have Joey use his Tie on her. Madeline will agree to help Joey, but only if he agrees to take her with him. You don't really have an option here, so agree. Steam Achievement Back From Beyond will be Unlocked.

To escape banishment Joey must use his Tie on Madeline.

Saving Rosa and the Defeat of Gavin

Once Joey returns to the real world he will see Gavin feeding on Rosa. After a short conversation with Lisa, Joey will be free to act.

He must talk to Rosa and say just the right things to get through to her.

Remember Jeremy
Yeah, good riddance

Remember Jamie
You're Nobody

Remember Penelope
Not a damn thing

Remember Tiffany
You are no better

When Gavin begins to feed on Rosa, Joey must solve a dialogue puzzle to save Rosa.


Once Gavin is dead his ghost will appear. Then a very angry Lisa will arrive and the two of them will end up in a struggle. Quickly switch to Joey and have him use his Tie on the two of them. This will allow Rosa to send both Gavin and Lisa on their way.

And that about does it for this walkthrough. You've entered the endgame sequence.

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