Madeline & Jocelyn Interlude One Walkthrough

Blackwell Epiphany

In this very short walkthrough for Blackwell Epiphany, we take you through the interlude at the Tailor Shop with Madeline and Jocelyn.

Detailed walkthrough of the first interlude with Madeline & Joycelyn in Blackwell Epiphany.

Mallone's Tailoring

When the interlude with Madeline and Joycelyn begins, the two of them will be standing in front of Mallone's Tailoring. Yeah, you can see where this is heading already. This first interlude is very short.

All you have to do is have Jocelyn pick up the brick on the ground in front of the shop, and then use it on the bottom right window. After the window is broken, click on it to have Jocelyn enter the building.

To enter Mallone's Tailoring, Joycelyn must use the brick to break the front window.

Once Joycelyn and Madeline are inside, simply have Jocelyn use the bell on the counter beside the cash register. This will summon the lost spirit of Joey Mallone and end this interlude.

Jocelyn summons Joey by ringing the bell on the counter.


As soon as Joey appears this short interlude will end. Our walkthrough for Blackwell Epiphany continues with: Lia & Kendra Pierro Walkthrough - Blackwell Epiphany.