Peter Fielding Walkthrough

Blackwell Epiphany

In this walkthrough we take you through the awaking and rescuing of the lost spirit of Peter Fielding. Be aware that it does not matter in which order you save Peter and Heather. In our walkthrough for Blackwell Epiphany we have chosen to save Peter first since he has already been discovered.

Detailed walkthrough for discovering and laying to rest the spirit of Peter Fielding in Blackwell Epiphany. Includes Steam Achievements.

Awakening the Spirit of Peter Fielding

The first thing we need is Peter's phone number. With the information from Father Michael we know that Peter does personal training sessions. Send Joey in to talk to Peter about booking one.

Have Joey make an appointment with Peter for a personal training session.

Now that Rosa has Peter's number she can give it to Officer Palmer at the Police Station. This will give Rosa Peter's address.

Before knocking on the door of Peter's apartment, send in Joey. Have him look at the papers on the coffee table and have him blow on the membership card that is on the end table to the left of the sofa.

Then switch to Rosa and have her use the notes on her phone to combine the clues case # and Karth File. This is where Rosa will discover Peter has a sister and that she was arrested at Karth House.

Have Joey use his Wind Power on the Membership Card sitting on the end table to the left of the sofa.

When Maggie opens the door simply have Rosa use the dialogue option with Maggie in it. This will get Rosa in the door. If you have had Joey blow on the Membership Card one of Rosa's dialogue options will be to pick up the card. Ask Maggie about her father. She won't say much, but she will give you his address.

Leave the apartment and head to the new map point Fielding Sr. You'll end up at a graveyard. Check the tombstones and you will find Maggie's father. Take note that he died on March 18th.

Now it's time for Rosa to visit Field's Gym. Have Rosa use the keycard to open the door to the gym and have her head in. You should have Rosa pick up the picture that has fallen off the wall. After Rosa has put it back on the wall make sure you take a close look at it. It's a picture of Fielding Sr. with his military service number.

Have Rosa enter Field's Gym and put the picture back on the wall. Then have her look closely at the picture of Connor Fielding to discover his military service number.

You now have enough information to check into Connor Fielding. Head over to the Police Station and ask Officer Palmer about Connor Fielding. You'll soon find out that while his police record is clean he does have notes in his VA file that say he might not have been that nice a guy after all.

This is the information you need to shake up Maggie. Go back to Peter's apartment. This time have Rosa tell Maggie she knows about her father. This will set off Maggie.

It's time to shake up Peter now. Head back to Field's Gym and have Rosa alter the appointment calendar at the door. Change the date to the date that Peter's dad died. March 18 is the date that we get, but double check as some of these pieces of information are randomized in the game.

Once you have changed the date to match the day Connor Fielding died, have Joey reschedule his appointment with Peter. As soon as Peter sees the date he'll excuse himself and leave in a hurry.

Have Rosa change the date on the calendar at Field's Gym. Then have Joey reschedule his appointment with Peter.

All you need to do now is head over to the graveyard and talk to Maggie with Rosa. As they talk, Rosa will manipulate the conversation so as to have Maggie seem as though she is answering Peter. At the end of it, Maggie will leave and Peter will remember that he is dead. By this point in the interactions between Maggie and Peter you will have unlocked the Steam Achievement Legacy.


As soon as Peter realizes that he is dead he will start to feel bad. Joey will immediately use the Totem on him and send him to the Circle with Father Michael.

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Peter Fielding Walkthrough - Blackwell Epiphany