Tiffany Walters Walkthrough

Blackwell Deception

This walkthrough covers the discovery and laying to rest of the spirit of Tiffany Walters in the game Blackwell Deception. We also cover unlocking all related Steam Achievements.

Detailed walkthrough for discovering and laying to rest the spirit of Tiffany Walters in Blackwell Deception. Includes complete Steam Achievements Guide.

Meet Tiffany Walters

When you arrive at Tiffany's you'll be standing in the lobby of a somewhat rundown apartment building. Before you bother to go in and see Tiffany, Rosa needs to check out a few things first.

Start by having Rosa inspect, then interact with the door buzzer. After that have her look at and interact with Mailbox 2. It is locked. Move Rosa out of the way and have Joey look. It's too dark. Move Joey out of the way then have Rosa use one of her business cards on the mailbox. This will Unlock the Steam Achievement Take my Card. Now move Rosa out of the way again, and have Joey look. This time he can see, so have him look at the letter in the mailbox.

Have Rosa put her business card in Mailbox 2 so that Joey can read the envelope inside. This will also unlock the Steam Achievement Take my Card.

Also as a side note, there is a message on the bulletin board about not using your dog's name as a password, which is a hint for the puzzle involving Jamie's Laptop.

Switch to Joey and send him in. He will automatically start a conversation with Tiffany though it won't go far. After the conversation with Tiffany, look around her apartment. Joey can't get far, but he doesn't need to. The two things to check are a photo on a shelf against the wall and the papers on the table.

Apparently Tiffany has a friend named Rachel and is being threatened by a company called STP.

The immediate points of interest in Tiffany's apartment are the papers on the table and the photo of Tiffany and a girl named Rachel.

Have Joey leave Tiffany's apartment and then switch to Rosa. You have to use her phone and combine two of the notes in her list. The notes you need to combine are Rachel and R. Abu. This will give Rosa the idea that her name is Rachel Abu. Now do a search on the net for Rachel Abu. Rosa will discover that Rachel owns the Cafe.

Rachel Abu and the Cup of Clay Cafe

When you get to the Cup of Clay Cafe talk to Rachel Abu, the woman working behind the counter. Ask her about Tiffany and she'll be surprisingly cooperative. Exhaust all dialogue options, in addition to the options from Rosa's notebook.

After the conversation, have Rosa use her phone to combine two clues. Temp Agency and STP. This will give you the location of Sterling Temp Placements.

At the Cup of Clay Cafe talk to Rachel Abu about Tiffany Walters.

Don't head straight over to Sterling though. Instead, head back to see Tiffany. There is one piece of information you can get from her now.

Have Joey talk to her about both Sterling and Ken. This will get you the clue that Tiffany had her contract terminated. As for Ken, about all the information that you'll get is that she was apparently quite interested in him. Now you can leave Tiffany's and head over to Sterling.

Sterling Temp Placements

Upon arriving at Sterling Temp Placements Rosa will automatically enter a conversation with the man there. Exhaust all dialogue options, but don't expect much. He really seems into protecting his reputation.

Exit the conversation and have Rosa use the Press Pass on him. He makes quite a smug remark, but have Rosa talk to him again and use the option Resort to blackmail. Then exhaust all dialogue options again.

To get information from Sterling, Rosa will need to use the Press Pass and then resort to blackmail.

(The Press Pass can be found on the far right table in Jeremy Sams' office at The City Post.)

By the end of your conversations at Sterling, you'll have learned that Tiffany had her contract terminated because of a serious complaint by Ken Sharpe of Sharpe Sounds. Rosa will also automatically leave Sterling. Before you can proceed, Rosa must look up something on her phone, so head over to the Cafe.

Just have her look up Ken Sharpe on her phone. That will give you the address for Sharpe Sounds, which is your next destination.

Ken Sharpe and Sharpe Sounds

When you arrive you'll actually be standing in a hallway by an elevator just outside of Sharpe Sounds. Before you go in there is something that either Rosa or Joey needs to do.

Have one of the look at the door on the far right of the screen. There is a note on it and a plaque beside it. Read both. Then have Rosa lookup Gal Friday on her phone. You'll need this number shortly.

Rosa needs to find the information on Gal Friday, which is just down the hall from Sharpe Sounds.

Have Rosa head into Sharpe Sounds. A conversation with Ken will start automatically. Now you'll find that he remains fairly level headed and has a resonable explanation for having virtually no information to give you. Have Rosa leave Sharpe Sounds, but don't actually have her leave the building. This is where some Rosa/Joey teamwork comes in.

With Rosa in the hallway, send Joey back into Sharpe Sounds. Have him look in the desk drawer to the left of where Ken is standing. Then send him back into the hallway.

Now have Rosa call Gal Friday. Then quickly send Joey back in to look in the drawer again. This time he can see as the phone rings. Have him take a look at the letter in the drawer.

With the cell phone of Gal Friday ringing in the drawer, Joey will be able to see the letter from Tiffany.

Having seen the letter from Tiffany to Ken it is now possible to have a meaningful conversation. Send Rosa back in to speak to Ken. Start with the letter in his desk. The old conversation options that he responds to with denial are still there and won't get you anywhere. Try to stick to the new dialogue lines opened, starting with the letter.

By the time you are done you'll know that Tiffany called Ken 'turtledove'. That is what you needed to know. You should also have an option to Confirm that it's over. Don't bother with that one yet.

Laying to Rest Tiffany Walters

With the clue 'turtledove' you'll be able to reach Tiffany. Head back over to Tiffany's apartment and send in Joey. Have him follow the dialogue options about Ken and emphasize that it's over. When she adamantly refuses to listen you will have a dialogue option Turtledove. That will be the key.

Tiffany will then head off to see Ken to confirm things one last time. Have Rosa head straight back to Sharpe Sounds and talk to Ken one last time.

With Tiffany in the room with Ken you need to use the dialogue option Confirm that it's over. You may need to use this line more than once or to click on Tiffany to trigger the sequence. What must happen here is that Ken will express himself. Then Tiffany will respond, but of course Ken can't hear or see Tiffany, so Rosa must interject in a way that gets Ken to respond to Tiffany's comments.

By the end of the conversation Tiffany will be in quite a state and will leave Sharpe Sounds. Rosa will also say a final goodbye to Ken Sharpe and head back into the hallway.

Have either Rosa or Joey talk to Tiffany. By the end of this conversation it's time to have Joey use his Tie on Tiffany, so that he and Rosa can send her on her way.

The Aftermath with the Psychic Lisa Tenzin

When you visit Lisa there are one of two possibilities. Either you have laid to rest only Jamie, or you have also laid to rest Tiffany.

Because there are a few ways this encounter can go, here's a general run through of how to handle it.

Either way, to get in the door to actually speak to Lisa you'll need to mention the name of the person you have laid to rest. In this case, Tiffany Walters, and stress the point that Gavin was responsible. That will get you in the door.

This is where things change a bit. If both girls have been laid to rest, you'll need to push her about all 3 deaths linked to Gavin. She will eventually agree to set up a meeting for you. If you have not laid to rest both girls, she will tell you not to come back until you have investigated the other lead.

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