The Yacht Walkthrough

Blackwell Deception

Our walkthroughs for Blackwell Deception start when Joey and Rosa board the Yacht. This walkthrough will take you through all of the events on the Yacht and tell you where and how you can unlock all related Steam Achievements.

Detailed walkthrough for freeing the spirit of Ryan Jacobs from the Yacht in Blackwell Deception.

Boarding the Yacht & The First Clues

As soon as Rosa and Joey board the Yacht, switch to Joey. For the moment, there isn't much Rosa can do. Have Joey look at the carving on the side of the Yacht, he'll discover that it says 'Ryan + June'. This would be a clue as to the Yacht's previous owners.

While Rosa is unable to see the carving, Joey is about to see and tell her that it says 'Ryan + June'.

Next you want to have Joey enter the top door on the left which leads to the bridge. As soon as Joey enters and looks around the boat will shake and he'll head back out to Rosa. After thier little exchange, send Joey back in.

This time he will encounter the ghost. Joey will retreat out of the room after the ghost shoots him. Now, Joey does not need to talk to this guy again. That is the trick to the Steam Achievement Bullet Dodger. Send Joey back in and do not talk to the ghost. This time look at the diagram on the wall. It shows the answer to the puzzle downstairs. Have Joey use his Wind power on the key twice. The first time it falls, the second time it moves closer to the vent in the floor.

Joey needs to look at the diagram on the bridge of the Yacht and use his Wind power on the Key.

The Knotty Pine & The Secret of Ryan Jacobs

Have Joey leave the Bridge. Then have Rosa enter the bottom door on the left. There are two achievements coming up, so read well before proceeding. For the first achievement, Teamwork, have Rosa use the Dime in her inventory on the Vent in the ceiling over the bed.

To get the key to the Bridge, have Rosa use the Dime in her inventory on the Vent above the bed.

For the second achievement, Button Pusher, Rosa must solve the button puzzle on the Knotty Pine wall on the first attempt. Remember the diagram Joey looked at on the Bridge of the Yacht? It showed what letters are associated with which knots. And the carving Joey read on the side of the Yacht provided the name June.

Spell out June correctly on the first attempt and you will get the achievement. Check the screenshot to see the letters associated with the knots. When the secret compartment opens, have Rosa inspect the money to discover the letters GCT.

To solve the Knotty Pine wall puzzle, just click on the knots in the right order to spell June.

Freeing the spirit of Ryan Jacobs

You now have everything you need for Rosa to confront the ghost on the Bridge. Head up there now with Rosa and talk to Ryan. He will try to shoot her and fail, after which he is open to dialogue.

I used the option of Being there to help as my first dialogue chioce. At this time all you really need is for him to make a comment about the bank. As soon as he does that you can end the conversation.

What you need to do now is have Rosa use her phone and perform a search on the internet. What she is looking for is GCT, which is a Bank. That will give you an article about the bank robbery, and the death of Ryan Jacobs.

Talk to Ryan again, and exhaust all of your dialogue options. Remember there are clues in your note app too. This time you need to get information out of him about Boston. Once you have this information you can end your dialogue with him.

This part is a bit odd. What you need to do is have Joey stand in front of the Map screen for the GPS. It will, of course, go crazy. Leave Joey there and ask Ryan How far are we from Boston?

I'm not too sure if it matters how much time you wait before asking him again, but a few seconds +/- did seem to make a difference. Just keep asking until he says that you're about a mile away.

Rosa needs to keep asking Ryan How far are we from Boston until he says they're almost there.

At this point have Ryan will leave the Bridge and go outside to take a look. Send Rosa outside. Seeing that he is still in New York will hit home with Ryan. After a bit more dialogue, he will head back inside. Have Rosa follow him.

You need to have Rosa talk to Ryan again. After this conversation you will be ready to send him on his way. Switch to Joey, but do not talk to Ryan. Instead have Joey use his Tie on Ryan.

While Rosa is sending Ryan on his way he will tell her that he has done something to make sure the bank won't get their money back. He also makes it clear that Rosa will soon discover what he means.

When Rosa awakens on the Bridge Joey will tell her that the boat is speeding up and heading for the shore. Have Rosa leave the bridge and return to the deck outside. As soon as she is there, click on the Gap in railing at the back of the boat. She will jump to safety.

To escape the out of control Yacht, Rosa must jump through the gap in the railing.

The Yacht Wrap-Up

Once Rosa has jumped off the Yacht, a short cutscene will play. That brings our walkthrough for the Yacht to a close.

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The Yacht Walkthrough - Blackwell Deception