The Countess Walkthrough

Blackwell Convergence

In this walkthrough for Blackwell Convergence, we continue with Rosa and Joey back at the apartment, after freeing the spirit of Frank Lyons and their first encounter with the ghost of the Countess.

Detailed walkthrough for uncovering the Countess and exploring Claude's art in Blackwell Convergence.

The Countess Painting at the Park Gallery

In the morning Joey greets Rosa, and after a short conversation it is revealed that there is a painting at the Park Gallery that looks like the Countess. Needless to say, this is your next destination.

When you arrive at the Park Gallery you'll be greeted by Josie. After that conversation, Joey will take you to the painting in question. Sure enough, it looks like the Countess. Activate both the Woman and the Lighthouse in the painting, then talk to Josie about the Dark Lady, her Investors, and Claude.

At the Park Gallery you need to look at the painting featuring the Countess. Then ask Josie about the painting and her investors.

After you are done speaking with Josie, you should head over to the Roosevelt Island Lighthouse. Click on the lighthouse with Rosa to get a quick comment. That is all you have to do here for now, so it's time to head back to the apartment to look up the Meltzer Foundation.

When Rosa looks up the Meltzer Foundation another point will be added to your map. Before you head over to check it out, you should stop by CubeStar Films for a quick chat with Monique.

When you speak to Monique at CubeStar Films you'll want to push her on the topic of the Meltzer Foundation. While you should exhaust all of your dialogue options, the ones that are important are all related to the Meltzer Foundation, the death of Frank Lyons, and the sudden success of the company. This will put Rosa onto the fact that CubeStar Films hadn't really made it big until the death of Frank Lyons on set. That set the film off with publicity.

Monique at CubeStar Films can provide some interesting information regarding the investment of the Meltzer Foundation.

Before heading over to the Meltzer Foundation it would be wise to visit The Minetta. Jose at the Park Gallery said Claude would be drinking in preperation for the gallery event. And Rosa needs to ask him about The Dark Lady, or the Countess as she is also called. During the conversation he won't discuss his art, but he will drop another reference to Joe Gould. He will also tell Rosa that he'll only talk about his art when he is drunk enough.

Go to the Minetta and talk to Claude about the Countess and Joe Gould.

The Meltzer Foundation

Now that all of the other loose ends have been taken care of, it's time to head over to the Meltzer Foundation. When you arrive Rosa will enter the office automatically and begin a conversation with Paul. You'll want to discuss all dialogue options, especially those relating to the Park Gallery, CubeStar Films, and Joseph Mitchell.

So far you don't really have anything on the Meltzer Foundation other than perhaps some suspicions. When you try to leave the office, Joey will pop his head back through the door. You'll get an option to stay behind and eavesdrop. Do it. As soon as you have control of Joey move him as close to the wireless router as fast as possible. When Paul comments that his internet is down, move Joey away from the Router. He'll ask Charlie to remind him of his Bmail password, and you'll learn that it is Tennis53.

Have Joey interfere with the Wireless Router and Charlie will tell Paul the Bmail password.

The Park Gallery & The Countess

After leaving the Meltzer Foundation you should head back to Rosa's and look at Paul's business card. You'll notice his Bmail address is, and you already know the password is Tennis53.

Have Rosa use Paul's username and password and login to his account. Click on each of the emails. You'll notice a few interesting ones, including a mention of the gallery's public opening tonight.

When you shut off the computer Joey will make a comment that you need to be at that opening to speak to Claude. That is your next destination.

Warning: To get the Steam Achievement Art Medium, your conversation with Claude must follow an exact pattern so that you can convince Claude you understand art on the first try. Read the instructions on speaking to Claude below before having Rosa talk to him.

At the Park Gallery speak to Claude. You need to give the right responses in a series of dialogues. As Claude moves from painting to painting click on him and respond correctly to his challenges.

The responses in order are:

1. The Countess (your only option)
2. The Dark Lady (she answers automatically)
3. Understanding Art
4. The hard lines in this painting are really provocative
5. Does this painting represent darkness in shadow?
6. Why is one side so colorful and the other so dark?

He will then suggest speaking in private on the Fire Escape.

To get any information from Claude about the Countess you will need to answer all of his questions correctly.

The Countess Walkthrough Wrap-Up

Once you go outside and start the conversation with Claude on the Fire Escape, you'll trigger an automatic scene to unfold. There is nothing you can actually do except watch.

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