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Blackwell Unbound

The second case on Lauren's list of possible cases involves strange accidents at a construction site on 53rd Street. In this walkthrough for Blackwell Unbound we'll show you how to lay to rest the spirit haunting the 53rd Street Construction Site. As mentioned in our other walkthroughs for Blackwell Unbound, the order in which you solve the cases doesn't really matter. The only real changes that occur are the times and places you will encounter the Countess, which do not affect the game or story resolution.

Detailed walkthrough for laying to rest the spirit haunting the 53rd Street Construction Site. Includes write-up, screenshots, and video.

53rd Street Construction Site - First Visit

On your first visit to the construction site on 53rd Street Joey will comment that all seems quiet so far. Even Lauren seems hopeful that it's a dead end, pardon the pun. But to really handle this case, you'll have to use Joey almost exclusively at this location. Because of the locked gate, Lauren can't enter the actual construction site. Switch to Joey and click on the gate. This will cause him to enter the construction site.

When you first arrive at the construction site on 53rd Street it seems clear of disturbances.

Once Joey has entered the construction site you'll soon spot a restless spirit. It is this woman that you will have to lay to rest, but she is really messed up and it won't be easy.

Have Joey talk to her and go through the conversation options with her until you see one called Humor Her. After you have used the dialogue option Humor Her you'll need to end the conversation with her and click on the gate to the construction site.

Once you are inside the 53rd Street Construction Site Joey will quickly spot a restless spirit.

At this point you don't want Joey to leave the construction site, however. Instead of having him leave, have him talk with Lauren and ask her for help. What you need to ask her to do is knock on the gate. This option will only be available after you have talked to the ghost and used the dialogue option Humor Her.

As soon as Lauren knocks on the gate the spirit will respond as though there is a visitor at her door. This will allow Joey to enter into a conversation with her. Before long you'll probably find this woman rather lost and annoying. The information you really need to get out of her is that there is a 'D' on her door and that she is in an apartment building on the 3rd floor. Once you have that information you can end the conversation with her.

The Construction Site Mobile Office

At the back of the construction site you should see a mobile office trailer. Click on the door to have Joey go inside. Here there are two things that you need to look at. The first is a sign on the wall that says 'Seagram Realty' and the second is a letter on the desk from a Mrs. Harriet Sherman.

You need to click on both of these items to have Joey investigate them. And don't forget to actually click on the text of the letter once Joey is looking at it. You want to make sure that you've got the clue in your note book about Harriet Sherman, a woman that will be quite important to progressing in this case.

Inside the Mobile Office at the construction site you'll want to check out the sign on the wall and the letter on the desk.

Mrs. Harriet Sherman

With the clues from the ghost and the mobile office in hand, it's time to head back to Lauren's apartment. You need to have her use the Phone Book to look up the name Harriet Sherman.

Once you have found her number in the phone book you need to have Lauren call her. To get anywhere with her, you should tell her you are with Seagram Realty. This will spark her interest. You'll also find out that she is owed $60 and that she won't talk to you until she has the money in her hand.

Before leaving Lauren's apartment you need to collect the money from her Rainy Day Jar, which is on a shelf next to the door to her apartment. With the money in hand, leave the apartment and head over to see Mrs. Harriet Sherman.

When you arrive at Mrs. Sherman's apartment the very first thing you'll do is give her the money. If you don't have it, she won't talk to you. As mentioned previously, Lauren has a Rainy Day Jar on the shelf next to the door of her apartment. Once you are inside and talking with Mrs. Sherman you won't have to worry about any lines of conversation, except for 'The Ghost at the Construction Site' and a bit later in the conversation, 'Mavis Wilcox'. Once you have opened up the conversation option about Mavis, keep going until she tells you that she's told you all she knows. Then close the note book and use the new dialogue option to ask about Mavis's things.

You need to visit Mrs. Harriet Sherman to get information on the construction site and Mavis Wilcox.

The Photo Of Mavis Wilcox and her Son

After your conversation with Mrs. Sherman, head back to Lauren's apartment. You need to look at the envelope that you now have with Mavis's things in it. There are only two Items in the envelope: A letter from a Mr. J Mitchell, a reporter at the New Yorker, and a photo of Mavis and her son.

Once you have opened the envelope and taken an introductory look at both items you should look at the photo again and click on both people in the photo. If you haven't already met Mr. Mitchell, you'll also want to open his letter and click on the letter and his name to make sure you've opened the options that will allow you to find him.

Return to the Construction Site

Now you need to return to the construction site. This time when you speak to Mavis she will ask you who you are and not be very nice about it. Respond that you are her son, a necessary deception. Then ask her about Dad. Her response will give you his full name, which you will need soon enough. That is all you need to get from this conversation with her. At this point, you should know that her son's name is Sam, and his father's name is John Durkin.

You need to return to the construction site to speak to Mavis again. This time you need to tell her that you are her son so that you can get more information from her.

The Story of Sam Durkin

Head back to Lauren's apartment again. You need to use the phone book to look up Columbia University. But before you call the university you also need to connect two clues in your notebook. Open your notebook and click on the name Sam and the name John Durkin. Lauren will come to the conclusion that Sam's last name is Durkin.

Once you have the name Sam Durkin in your notebook you can call Columbia University and get some information from him. But, he will challenge you to see if you really knew his mother. The question he asks is what apartment did she live in. Now in the conversations with Mavis you should already have heard her say that 'D' is written on her door. It should also have been mentioned in the conversations with both Mavis and Mrs. Sherman that she lived on the 3rd floor. That would mean she lived in apartment 3D.

The key point that you will learn from Sam is that he gave her a Mother's Day gift, but he won't say more than that. Luckily, that is all the information you need.

Joseph Mitchell and the New Yorker

The final thing you need to discover is what Sam gave his mother for Mother's Day. To learn that, you need to speak to Joseph Mitchell. If you haven't already met Mr. Mitchell, you will have to look up the New Yorker in the phone book and have Lauren call. You will get no answer from his desk, but that will spark a comment from Lauren that you should just go down there and talk to him in person.

When you speak with Joseph Mitchell at the New Yorker you'll be able to get a reasonable amount of information from him regarding Mavis Wilcox. However, the only conversation point you really need to worry about is the option to ask about her son's gift. Once you know this, you'll have the last piece of information that you need to lay to rest the spirit of Mavis Wilcox.

When you speak to Joseph Mitchell you need to ask him about the gift Sam gave to Mavis for Mother's Day.

Laying to Rest the Spirit of Mavis Wilcox

Now that you know all about Sam's Mother's Day Gift, you can return to the 53rd Street Construction Site and lay to rest the Spirit of Mavis Wilcox. Have Joey go in and talk to her. You need to ask her about the Mother's Day gift. Go through all of the possible locations she can look, and when you only have the option of looking in the hallway, Joey will automatically coax her out until she is standing on the street near Lauren.

The key to laying to rest Mavis Wilcox is asking her about the Mother's Day gift from Sam.

As soon as Mavis is out on the street near Lauren the conversations will quickly come to an end and Lauren will take Mavis and send her on her way. After Lauren wakes up you'll then encounter the Countess.

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