Jamie Graham Walkthrough

Blackwell Deception

This walkthrough takes you through the discovery and freeing of the Spirit of Jamie Graham and the aftermath with the Psychic, Lisa Tenzin. It doesn't matter whether or not you follow the lead for Tiffany Walters first. We've simply chosen to tackle the leads alphabetically.

Detailed walkthrough for discovering and laying to rest Jamie Graham in Blackwell Deception. Includes complete Steam Achievements Guide.

Jamie Graham's Dorm Room

When you arrive at the Jamie's Dorm Room Rosa will make a comment about the keypad lock. That's your cue to switch to Joey and send him in by clicking on the door. Then right click the note on the back of the door. 'Remember Waterloo' is written on it. Now switch to Rosa and have her use her phone to do a search for Waterloo. She will come up with information on The Battle of Waterloo in 1815. That's the code for the door. Have Rosa try the door and enter the code 1815.

To enter Jamie's Dorm Room you must have Rosa look up Waterloo to come up with the year 1815.

Saving Jamie and learning more information about her possible connection to Gavin requires a full character study. Look at Jamie's Laptop. It's passowrd protected. Also look at the poster on the wall and the course schedule, which is also on the wall. After looking at the schedule Rosa will have recognized the names of one of the Professors, Elaine Appleton.

Have Rosa do a search on her phone for Elaine Appleton nd call her. Make sure you have Rosa explore all dialogue options. There are several key points of information in the conversation. There are items in this room that will be required for a dialogue puzzle later.

By the end of your conversation you will also have the name of a nightclub called Munray's. Have Rosa do a search on her phone for Munray's.

Before leaving the Dorm Room have Rosa call Detective Durkin. Don't waste your time asking about Jeremy. Instead ask about Jamie. By the end of your conversation you'll have made a deal to meet at a coffee shop.

Detective Durkin and a first visit to Munray's

Head to the Cafe and talk to Detective Durkin. Any line of conversation regarding Jeremy is not going to get you anywhere. But ask about Jamie Graham and explore all related dialogue options.

By the end of the conversation you will have made a deal to get details on the Coroner's Report. With that deal made, it's time to leave the Cafe.

Detective Durkin knows a reasonable amount about Jamie Graham and will happily share it if you ask.

Your first visit to Munray's will be a quick one. Head there now.

Upon arriving you'll want to send Joey into the VIP Area. As soon as he gets upstairs he'll spot a ghost.

Talk to the ghost to confirm that she is indeed Jamie Graham. You'll also discover that she can be rather nasty. Ask her if she comes here often, then after she insults Joey use the conversation option Oh, come on.

That will set her off on another insult binge. Luckily she mentions the name of her Dog, Benji. Yeah, you guessed it. Laptop password. Also have Joey ask her to dance so you get the clue that she doesn't like the music.

Head back to Jamie's Dorm Room and use her laptop. Enter the password benji

Type it in all small letters and you'll get access to Jamie's messages. You need to click each one to make sure you'll have the information for dialogue options in the next big puzzle. After you are done with the message, shut off the computer. Make sure to use the Notes in Rosa's phone to read the Coroner's Report on Jamie if you haven't already done so.

Jamie made a very common mistake and used her dog's name benji as her computer's password.

Sending Jamie Graham to her final rest

After looking at the Coroner's Report and reading all of the messages on Jamie's computer it's time to head back to Munray's.

Have Rosa head to the far right over near the bar and you'll see a blonde man standing there. Talk to him and ask if he's Seb, then mention that you've read the email he sent Jamie. The conversation itself won't go that well the first time around but you do need to get some information from him. The critical dialogue option is about Jamie being a drug addict. After you ask him about that, end the conversation.

Have Rosa consult the notes on her phone. Click on the Coroner's Report then click on the note about Jamie being a drug addict. Rosa will immediately come to realise that these two statements cannot both be true.

Talk to Seb again, and this time use the dialogue option Jamie was clean. This will set him off. By the end of the conversation you'll have discovered that Jamie liked an author named Ashbless. Have Rosa use her phone to look up Ashbless.

Assuming that Joey has already asked Jamie to dance, have Rosa activate the panel to the left of the doorway to the VIP Area. If Joey hasn't already asked her to dance, you'll have to send him up now to do so. Then bring him back to Rosa and have her activate the Panel.

When Rosa activates the panel have her search for Epileptic Fish and the music will change. This will also unlock the Steam Achievement Music Lover. Now switch to Joey and have him go ask Jamie to dance. When Joey asks Jamie to dance she will agree, since she loves the song Rosa has requested.

When Joey gets Jamie to dance a dialogue puzzle begins in which all the information about Jamie suddenly becomes relevant.

This is a dialogue puzzle. Here is the order of responses Joey needs to give after they have started dancing:

Ask about Jamie
Her Studies

Ask about Jamie
Her spare time
Anubis at the Gate

Ask about Jamie
Her home town
The midwest

The dialogue options listed above were unlocked by discovering information about Jamie. Some from her professor, some from her ex-boyfriend, and some from the messages on her computer. If you are missing any dialogue options, you must have missed something in the conversation with her professor or in the messages on her computer.

Once you have worked your way through the dialogue with Jamie she will end the conversation with quite a kiss for Joey. This will unlok the Steam Achievement Still Got It.

Send Joey back downstairs to Rosa. When he gets back downstairs Jamie will lay another big kiss on him. After she heads off to her Dorm Room switch back to Rosa and have her leave Munray's.

Head over to Jamie's Dorm Room and Joey will head inside. When she asks Joey to warm her up, have him respond with yes. The dialogue will then go mostly automatically, and before long Joey will call Rosa in and automatically use his tie to send Rosa and Jamie on their way.

The Aftermath with the Psychic Lisa Tenzin

When you visit Lisa there are one of two possibilities. Either you have laid to rest only Jamie, or you have also laid to rest Tiffany.

Because there are a few ways this encounter can go, I'll give you a general run through of how to handle it.

Either way to get in the door to actually speak to Lisa you need to mention the name of the person you have laid to rest. In this case that's Jamie Graham. Stress the point that Gavin was responsible. That will get you in the door.

This is where things change a bit. If both girls have been laid to rest, you need to push her about all 3 deaths linked to Gavin. She will eventually agree to set up a meeting for you. If you have not laid both girls to rest, she will tell you not to come back until you have investigated the other lead.

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Jamie Graham Walkthrough - Blackwell Deception