The Bridge Ghost Walkthrough

Blackwell Convergence

We pick up the story at Rosa's apartment just as she and Joey return from freeing Allen. We take you through the Park Gallery and continue right on through freeing the Bridge Ghost, Frank Lyons.

Detailed walkthrough for laying to rest the spirit of Frank Lyons and setting the bridge ghost free.

The Park Gallery

As soon as Rosa and Joey return to the apartment Rosa gets a feeling that she forgot something, but Joey is trying suspiciously hard to convince her to forget about it. Once you have control of Rosa, simply activate her Calendar and she will spot her appointment with Nishanti at the Park Gallery.

Before you leave Rosa's apartment you'll need to get the address for the Park Gallery. Activate her computer, then click on search. You need to search for Park Gallery and it will automatically be added as a map point.

Head over to the Park Gallery, and once you are finally allowed inside, talk to Nishanti.

The only line of conversation that is necessary is the center line about Nishanti's friend. This line of questioning will eventually reveal that Monique from CubeStar Films has a ghost story to tell you.

Monique won't talk with you further about it at the party, however, and instead gives you her business card and tells you to visit her at the office tomorrow.

When you arrive at the Park Gallery you need to talk to Nishanti. You'll quickly learn that her firend has a ghost story to tell.

At this point you can end the conversation. Look at Monique's business card right away to add CubeStar Films to your known map locations. You should then try to leave the Park Gallery using the stairs to the right. This will trigger a short dialogue with Nishanti.

The only tangible difference between choosing to stay or leave is that, if you choose to stay, you get the Steam Achievement Lush Life y. Rosa will also have an unusual dream in the place with the bright light. Just click the exit arch to continue. If you choose to leave you will unlock the Steam Achievement Sober Solidarity.

CubeStar Films, Monique, & The Ghost Of Frank Lyons

If you've already looked at Monique's card you will already have the map point for CubeStar Films. If not, look at her card now. That is your next destination, head over there now.

You'll want to exhaust all of the conversation options with Monique. Of particular interest is, of course, her ghost story which will put you on the trail of the ghost of Frank Lyons. You'll also get a new Bridge map point that marks the location of the Gothic Bridge in Central Park. She'll also mention feeling guilty about the fame of the film generated by the death of Frank Lyons.

Talk to Monique at CubeStar Films and she will tell you the story of Frank Lyons.

The Confused Ghost of Frank Lyons

When you head over to the bridge you'll need to switch to Joey. You won't be able to get anywhere with Rosa at the moment. In fact, to unlock the Steam Achievement Leading Lady you must not use Rosa to speak to Frank Lyons until exactly the right time, which will come later and be pointed out clearly in this walkthrough.

Have Joey talk to the ghost of Frank Lyons and exhaust all dialogue options. Of particular note will be the dialogue option about his memory. This will trigger him to basically glitch and tell you about a place called The Minetta.

In your conversation you will also discover that he is waiting to deliver his lines and finish the last scene of the movie.

Have Joey ask Frank about his memory and he will mention a place called The Minetta.

Discovering The Minetta

Head back to Rosa's apartment and have her search on the internet for The Minetta or just Minetta. She'll find an address and it will be added to your list of map points. That is your next destination.

When you arrive at the Minetta there is a large portrait that you will be able to inspect. Your interaction options and the portrait's significance will increase as the game unfolds. Don't forget about it!

The only relevant line of questioning you have for the bartender is about Frank Lyons. When you ask about this topic the bartender will tell you he has heard of him, but is sure he has never been to The Minetta.

When you arrive at The Minetta ask the bartender about Frank Lyons.

With this piece of information you can head back to the bridge and talk to Frank again using Joey. Use the clue Minetta from the notebook. You need to get Frank to glitch again and mention Joe Gould and the Joe Gould Fund.

Once you have heard these remarks from him, return to the Minetta and ask the bartender about Joe Gould and The Joe Gould Fund.

Frank's Cat Ilsa & Frank's Apartment

After the bartender gives you the infromation on Joe Gould and The Joe Gould Fund you are ready to head back to CubeStar Films. But this time it's not Monique that is of interest, it's Frank's Cat, Ilsa.

Be aware that this cat will not initially allow Rosa near it. If you want to unlock the Steam Achievement Cat Trick you have to do this just right.

The trick is to have Joe interact with the Cat. The moment Joey begins to distract the cat you need to switch to Rosa and immediately click on the Cat. Rosa will be able to read the address on the Cat's tag while Joey provides the distraction. You get the Achievement only if you get it on the first try. Otherwise you need to load a savegame and try again.

Have Joey distract Frank's cat, Ilsa, so Rosa can read the address on the tag.

As soon as Rosa has Frank's address from the cat's tag you can leave CubeStar Films. There is nothing else for you to do here at this time. Your next destination is, of course, Frank's Apartment.

When you arrive at the apartment building where Frank used to live, you'll need to switch to Joey. This is something only he can do. First click on Frank's door with Joey. After a quick comment Joey will head into Frank's apartment. The only thing of real importance here is the script on the table. Have Joey inspect this, then have him head back into the hall to Rosa.

Have Joey look at the script on the table. It contains the lines to finish Frank's last scene.

Frank's Last Scene

Make sure you have Rosa look at the script Joey found. This is the key to helping Frank complete his last scene. Make sure you have Rosa selected when you talk to Frank this time. This will Unlock the Steam Achievement Leading Lady, if done correctly. What you are actually doing is having Rosa walk up to Frank and complete the last scene he was working on. No other conversation options can be explored to get this Achievement. Rosa must follow the exact dialogue sequence to complete the scene on the first attempt.

These are the responses Rosa must use to help Frank complete his last scene:

1. Ask him how he knew.
2. Tell him he's dead.
3. You aren't going.
4. Repeat yourself.
5. Tom.

To lay to rest the spirit of Frank Lyons you need to have Rosa help him complete his last scene.

The Bridge Ghost Wrap-Up

Once Rosa has said the last line of the script the rest is mostly automated as she sends his spirit to its final resting place. After the encounter with the Countess, Rosa will have another unusual dream, this time in The Minetta. Simply click on the Portrait of Joe Gould to continue.

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