Steam Achievements

Blackwell Legacy

Below is our detailed guide to unlocking the seven Steam Achievements in Blackwell Legacy.

Medium Well Done:

Complete the game to unlock this achievement. Be warned that the game sometimes crashes between the ending cutscene and the next scene. If this happens, you won't get the achievement.

Hear Me:

Turn on both commentaries, then start a new game. Then play the game through to the end with the commentary always turned on.


When the Deacon appears in Susan's hospital room you must have Rosa convince the Deacon to let you help. If you select the option Let Joey handle it, you won't get this achievement. Please see Day Two Walkthrough - Blackwell Legacy

Family Historian:

Get Joey to tell Rosa everything he knows about Lauren and Patricia, Rosa's Aunt and Grandmother. To do this you need to look at all of the photos in the envelope and at the picture on top of the TV after meeting Joey for the first time. The pictures will change and you will see Joey in all of them. You will need to ask him about all of these photos, as well as her aunt and grandmother. Joey will give you a bit more information every time you make progress. For example, after completing tasks at any location, head back to the apartment and talk to Joey before heading to your next destination.

Crowd Control:

Never talk to Joey anywhere except in Rosa's apartment. The points in the game where Rosa and Joey automatically converse will not affect this, nor will 'calling Joey on the Phone' to distract Kelly. Just never click on Joey and start a conversation except when you are in Rosa's apartment, which is the only safe place to talk to Joey.

Medium Lie:

Get past the security guard at Bellevue when you are trying to see Susan Lee the first time. For more information on how to get past the guard, please see Day Two Walkthrough - Blackwell Legacy.


When the Demon appears to claim the Deacon you need to save him and prevent the Demon from taking him. For more information on how to save the Deacon, please see Day Two Walkthrough - Blackwell Legacy.