Office Highrise Walkthrough

Blackwell Convergence

The first challenge immediately after starting The Blackwell Convergence is laying to rest a spirit in an Office Highrise.

Detailed walkthrough for freeing the ghost at the office highrise. Includes write-up, screenshots, and video.

The Trick To The Door

With the tutorial enabled this challenge is extremely simple. However, for those who are stuck, here is the solution. First, click on the door handle. Rosa and Joey will comment. Switch to Joey and click the door. Joey will enter the room and there will be another short exchange between him and Rosa. There is a shiny object on the floor which Joey must inspect and then interact with. The shiny object is a Paperclip that Joey will blow under the door to Rosa.

Joey must spot inspect and interact with the shiny object on the floor. It is a paperclip that Rosa must use to open the door.

Once Rosa has the paperclip all you have to do is select it from her inventory. Then click on the door handle with it. Before long Rosa will enter the room. After a short exchange with Joey she'll be ready to begin exploring.

Finding the Ghost Of Allen Reiken

Before finding the ghost, you need to have Rosa search the Desk Drawers. You can find the desk half covered in a sheet in the corner of the room near the top left of the screen.

To find the ghost that is haunting this place all you need to do is activate the sheets along the windows. In one of the center windows you will see a ghostly arm coming from the left side of the window. With either Rosa or Joey, click on the Ghost's arm to have them discover him.

After removing a sheet from one of the windows a Ghostly Hand can be seen floating in the window.

Laying to Rest the Spirit of Allen Reiken

There are actually two ways to resolve this situation. The first way is perhaps a bit easier, and a bit more extreme. I'll cover that approach first since we took the Soft Touch approach in the video.

Once Joey is out on the ledge talking with Allen you will eventually reach a point in the conversation where you can choose topics such as wife and business with him. Select each one of these and have Joey select the nastiest response available. By the end of the thrird brutal insult Joey will really pour on the heat and Allen will attempt to jump.

Of course... he floats. And then it'll hit him. Joey and Rosa will automatically take care of the rest. But they will agree it was not their best work.

The better way to save Allen is to use Rosa. This will also give you the Steam Achievement Soft Touch. For example, when you have Joey talk about women with Allen you will get a dialogue option to set him up on a date.

Once Allen comes back inside, have Rosa respond to him with the nastiest dialogue option available. This will cause Joey to inspire Allen to stand up for himself. By the end of this little exchange, Allen will not only have come to feel much better about himself, but he will also have accepted his death.

To save Allen and get the Steam Achievement Soft Touch Rosa must insult Allen.

Office Highrise Wrap-Up

After this Rosa automatically takes care of sending his spirit on its way. That will also bring to a close this walkthrough.

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