Madeline & Jocelyn Interlude

Blackwell Epiphany

This short walkthrough covers the second interlude with Madeline & Jocelyn in Blackwell Epiphany.

Detailed walkthrough for the second interlude with Madeline & Jocelyn in Blackwell Epiphany.

Laying to Rest the Spirit of Joey Mallone

In order for Madeline & Jocelyn to reach Joey, so they can send him on his way, they need to make him remember what happened to bring about his death. First have Jocelyn look at the poster on the wall. She'll discover that Danny and Linda Marconi were into music together. This is the key to reaching Joey.

Have Jocelyn talk to Joey about any and all topics realated to music and Danny. Then switch to Madeline and have her do the same. Apparently Madeline is pretty good at influencing spirits, and so you won't have much trouble coaxing Joey into telling the story.

To unlock the mystery of Joey's death, have Jocelyn look at the post of Danny and Linda Marconi. Then use both Jocelyn and Madeline to exhaust all related dialogue options with Joey.

The Beginning of the Countess

As you may have guessed, Jocelyn Contis is the woman that becomes the Countess, the insane medium first encountered in Blackwell Unbound. Her influence has been felt in every game since in the series.

After laying to rest the spirit of Joey Mallone, Jocelyn will betray Madeline, thereby breaking the link between them and setting into motion the events that will create the Countess.

After laying to rest Joey Mallone, Jocelyn betrays Madeline and sets in motion the events that will create the crazy Countess.


With Joey laid to rest and the events unfolding between Madeline and Jocelyn, this little walkthrough will come to an end. Our walkthroughs for Blackwell Epiphany continue with Father Michael & The Grace Group Walkthrough - Blackwell Epiphany, which picks up with Rosa's interrogation and takes you through the discovery of Father Michael and the Grace Group.