Karth House & Mary Meehan Walkthrough

Blackwell Epiphany

In this walkthrough for Blackwell Epiphany we'll take you from the opening scene, through the exploration of Karth House, to the laying to rest of the spirit of Mary Meehan. This is the 'tutorial' haunting of the game so we'll be giving you some extras on how certain game mechanics work.

Detailed walkthrough for the exploration of Karth House and laying to rest of the restless spirit of Mary Meehan in Blackwell Deception. Includes write-up, screenshots, and video.

Entering Karth House & Discovering Mary Meehan

As soon as you have control of Rosa have her inspect and then use the door to Karth House. She will tell you that it's locked. This is your cue to switch to Joey.

Send Joey into Karth House by clicking on the door. Then have him look at the notice on the reception counter. It will mention a key and the stairs.

Send Joey inside and have him inspect the notice on the reception desk in the lobby of Karth House.

Once Joey has read the notice send him through the doorway on the right. If you look at the right side of the screen, at the bottom of the stairs heading up, you'll see graffiti on the right wall. Have Joey look at the Graffiti.

While the Graffiti remains the same, the word that is underlined is randomly chosen when you start a new game. Find the underlined word and remember it. This is the clue that will get Rosa into the building.

Also note that at some point while Joey is in this room a restless spirit will float by. You can try sending Joey to follow her, but he will be unable to reach her while Rosa is still outside.

Near the main stairs of Karth House Joey will discover graffiti and the wandering spirit of Mary Meehan.

Getting Rosa inside & meeting Mary

Because this puzzle is being solved by Rosa and Joey working together, you will unlock the Steam Achievement Teamwork automatically when Rosa enters Karth House.

Send Joey back outside to Rosa. After their short dialogue have Rosa look at the graffiti on the lower right wall of Karth House. It's the same as that drawn on the wall inside. Click on the brick with the word Joey saw underlined inside.

When Rosa comments that it's frozen. Have her use her coffee on the brick. After that, click on the brick again. This time it will be removed to reveal a key. Take the key and use it on the front door of Karth House.

Rosa will find the Key to Karth House inside a hollow brick on the Graffitied wall outside.

With Rosa inside you'll need to take her to the bottom of the stairs near the graffiti. There is a small box at the bottom of the stairs that Rosa needs to search in order to find a Fuse, which you will need shortly.

Have Rosa search the box at the bottom of the stairs to discover a Fuse.

Laying to Rest Mary Meehan

In order to lay a spirit to rest, Rosa and Joey must first make the spirit realize that he/she is dead. This requires finding out a bit about the person so that you're able to confront them with enough details of their life that they remember.

Send Joey through the door the spirit went through earlier, the one at the top of the stairs on the left of the screen. Joey wasn't able to reach it before, but with Rosa inside he will be able to do so. Have him talk to Mary and then look at the object on the floor to the left of her. Rosa needs that item. In order to get it, you'll need to complete a little puzzle.

On the floor near Mary there is a memory stick that Rosa needs.

Send Rosa back to the Lobby of Karth House. That is the first room they entered. On the wall between the front door and the reception desk with the notice on it, you will see a Fuse Box. Rosa will need to interact with it three times before she will be able to get that memory stick.

When Rosa uses the Fuse Box the first time, just have her flip the switch at the bottom center of the box. After everything shorts out you'll need to have her activate the box again.

This time use the Fuse you found earlier on the 3rd floor. This will cause the elevator door near the memory stick to open. Now have Joey blow on the memory stick twice using his Wind Power.

Rosa must use the Fuse Box three times to reach the Memory Stick.

Now have Rosa move the fuse to the 2nd floor. This will open the door on the second Floor where the memory stick has landed on top of the stuck elevator car.

Send Rosa through the door to the right, so that she returns to the stairs. Then send her through the door at the bottom left of the screen. She should now be in a hallway with a toilet and an elevator.

Before having Rosa take the memory stick, have her take the newspaper on the floor near the center of the hall. Have a look at it to find an interesting article about Karth House. Then have her take the memory stick.

To uncover Mary's story Rosa will need to look up a few things on her handy MyPhone.

To uncover the story of Mary Meehan Rosa will need to recover the newspaper and the memory stick.

First have Rosa search for Gotham Collective. When the information comes up there is a link at the bottom for a downloadable file with information on the group's past performances. Click on that to download the file.

Next you need to have Rosa use the Note app on her MyPhone to combine the clue Mary with the clue Cast & Crew. Rosa will discover that Mary was in a play called The River Wall.

Now have Rosa perform a search for The River Wall. She'll find a review that was rather brutal, and, by this time, you'll also have Mary's full name.

Have Joey talk to Mary about the Review. This will get through to Mary. Follow her through the building and listen to her little dialogues. She'll head to the Lobby. Just keep following her and talking to her. Once she is in the Lobby, just have either Rosa or Joey talk to her. Then have Joey use his Tie on her.

Rosa will send Mary on through the light and then return.

After talking to Mary about the review, Joey will eventually be able to use his Tie on Mary, so that Rosa can send her on her way.


After Joey uses his Tie on Mary, Rosa will finish up matters with Mary and send her on her way. This will also unlock the Steam Achievement Curtain Call.

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Karth House & Mary Meehan Walkthrough