Father Michael & The Grace Group Walkthrough

Blackwell Epiphany

In this walkthrough we pick up the story with Rosa's interrogation and take you through the search for and discovery of Father Michael and the Grace Group in Blackwell Epiphany.

Detailed walkthrough for uncovering Father Michael and the Grace Group in Blackwell Epiphany.

Rosa's Interrogation

You can unlock the Steam Achievement Ghostly Silent by handling her interrogation correctly. It's actually quite simple. Just select the dialogue option to remain silent.

They phrase it a few different ways and move the option around, but it is always there. After you are alone with Detective Durkin use the silent option once, and that will unlock the achievement. After that, you should no long have the option to remain silent.

If Rosa remains silent as long as she is given the option, you'll unlock the Steam Achievement Ghostly Silent.

Make sure you explore all of the dialogue options with Detective Durkin. Rosa will gain a lot of perks and a coffee by the end of their talk.

George Ostin & The Trail of Father Michael

The only important thing here at the moment is George's Tablet, which is on the small table against the back wall between the door and the green glass door.

On it you'll find a phone number for someone named Michael. You'll also be able to read through George's email and find some interesting information that makes this case a little more personal.

You'll find information on Michael and his phone number if you check George's Tablet.

Grace Church & Grace School

Head to the Police Station and ask Officer Cory Palmer about Michael's phone number. You'll find out that they've already confirmed that it's a number from Grace Church, but they don't think it was important.

Now go back to Grace Church and talk to the priest there. Ask him about Michael's phone number. Then close the notes and talk to him about The telephone. At this point the priest will slip and say Michael Cooper. Next you'll want to select the dialogue option Cooper?

End your dialogue with Father Ullman and use Rosa's phone to search for Michael Cooper. She'll get one result. Now have Rosa talk to Father Ullman again. This time use the dialogue option I know about Michael Cooper.

Father Michael Cooper

After you leave the church, head straight to the school and go inside. You'll ecounter Father Michael hiding inside a protective circle. It doesn't really matter what path you take through the dialogue. Madeline will intervene and you'll end up going outside to talk to her.

Exhaust your dialogue options with Madeline. Don't forget to ask her about the Grace Group from your notes. Then head back inside to talk to Father Michael again. From your notes ask him about the Grace Group. Then close the notes and follow all dialogue options relating to the Grace Group.

After a confrontation at Grace Church Rosa will find Father Michael Copper inside the Grace School.

The Remaining Members of the Grace Group

Make sure you ask Father Michael about Peter Fielding and Heather Goffstein. At this point in the game you'll only be able to find one of them, but then right now that is all Rosa needs to figure out if it really is too late for the others.

Either have Rosa do a search on her phone for Peter Fielding or go to the Police Station and have Officer Palmer give you the information on Peter's death.

Head over to Field's Gym and send Joey inside. Before sending him into the Men's Locker, have him look at the photo hanging on the wall above the appointment calendar.

It's a signed photo from Tanya Corsey. This is a clue Joey will need later and it's just plain easier to pick it up now.

Have Joey take a good look at the picture of Tanya Corsey in Field's Gym.

Once you have finished looking around, send Joey into the Men's Locker. There he will find Peter Fielding, apparently quite fixated on the light that he died tyring to fix.

Just talk to the ghost of Peter Fielding and confirm his identity. This is about all you can do for now, but it will be news that will change a great deal for Father Michael.

Head back to Grace School to talk to Father Michael. You'll run into Madeline outside and have a short conversation with her, after which you should follow her inside.


After the conversations with Father Michael and Madeline you should have two solid leads to investigate:

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