Heather Goffstein & Tanya Corsey Walkthrough

Blackwell Epiphany

In this walkthrough for Blackwell Epiphany we will take you through the discovery and the rescue of Heather Goffstein and Tanya Corsey.

Detailed walkthrough for discovering and laying to rest the spirits of Heather Goffstein and Tanya Corsey in Blackwell Epiphany. Includes Steam Achievements.

Meet Tanya Corsey

Unless you have already done so, you'll need to have Joey look at the Celebrity Endorsement featuring Tanya Corsey, which is hanging on the wall at Field's Gym.

Don't bother trying to look up that name yet. For some odd reason Rosa acts as though you're jumping ahead in the story if you do. After he has looked at the picture, you'll need to head back to George's apartment.

When Joey looks at the Celebrity Endorsement at Field's Gym he will see a picture of Tanya Corsey and be able to identify her later.

Once you have arrived at George's apartment you should switch to Joey. Send Joey out through the green glass door on the right. Once he's outside send him across the balcony to the right. That's where he will meet the Rooftop Ghost. After a short dialogue she will head into the apartment on the far right. Have Joey follow her in.

When Joey enters the apartment after Tanya, the first thing he should do is use his Wind Power on the Note laying on the floor. This will move it closer to the light coming in from the door, enabling him to read it.

After that talk to Tanya. The most important thing is to get her to mention her news show. Once you have done that you can have Rosa use her phone to search for Tanya Corsey.

Have Joey use his wind power to blow the note closer to the window in order to be able to read it.

Meet Heather Goffstein

Once Rosa has done her search for Tanya Corsey she will get a new map point for the TV Studio. First we need to meet Heather Goffstein.

Head over to Heather's and have Joey talk to her. The important thing here is to pick up the clue about Ray. That is all you need from her at the moment.

Have Joey head through the Gate and talk to Heather Goffstein to discover Ray.

Once you have the clue about Ray you'll need to head to the Police Station. Ask Officer Palmer about Ray and he'll give you the location of a bar called Vantini's.

When you enter Vantini's you'll see there is only one person there other than the bartender. Before doing anything else have Joey use his Tie on the picture to the left of the Bar. This will unlock the Steam Achievement Goldfarb Digger. To get Joey back from this 'secret room' just click on the vortex that is actually right behind where Joey is floating.

Now have Rosa talk to the woman at the table. Exhaust all of the dialogue options with her. Be aware that she won't give you the client records. It's going to take some creativity to get those.

Once you're done talking with Ray and she has refused to give you the client list, end the dialogue. She will order a drink. After this move Rosa near the fire exit, but don't bother trying to use it yet. Now switch to Joey and have him use his Wind Power on Ray's Glass. When the bartender comes over to clean up the mess have Rosa exit through the fire door.

Have Joey use his Wind Power on Ray's Glass to create a distraction so that Rosa can slip out through the Fire Exit.

If you do this next part right the first time you can unlock the Steam Achievement Dumpster Jumper.

First have Rosa use her coffee on the Dumpster. Then have her pick up the Rag on the corner of the Dumpster. Once she has the Rag, have her use it on the mess she made on the Dumpster. Now have Rosa Climb the Dumpster. From here just click on the Fire Escape ladder and choose A short, strong jump. Use your knees.

To unlock the Steam Achievement Dumpster Jumper Rosa needs to reach the fire escape ladder on her first jump. Her coffee and a rag are needed to ensure success.

Rosa should grab the ladder and say 'First Try' immediately followed by the achievement unlocking. With Rosa now on the Fire Escape, simply click on the window to have her climb into Ray's Secret Office.

Once inside the office all you have to do is click on Ray's computer with Rosa. After she has the file on her phone have her leave the office through the door at the bottom of the screen.

Ray will catch Rosa and demand the Memory Stick which Rosa hands over before leaving. Don't worry about the Memory Stick, remember Rosa actually downloaded the file from the stick to her phone.

Getting Tanya and Heather Together

You should now have everything that you need to get the two girls together. First head over to the News Room. It's time to find out what happened to Tanya.

Upon arriving at the News Room Rosa will find only one person there. Talk to him. All you actually need is his name, which he gives you right away. Exit the dialogue and have Rosa combine clues with her phone. What you need to combine is the name Jim Peebles with the Client List.

With this new connection made, talk to him again. Just tell him you know everything. He'll confess rather quicky and provide with you quite the revelation about Tanya and Heather.

Combine the name Jim Peebles with Heather's Client List and you'll discover that he did indeed know her.

Head back to see Tanya. This time have Joey say that he knows who she is. This will cause a bit of a dialogue between the two, but Joey will get her to follow him. You'll need to take Tanya over to see Heather.

After arriving at Heather's place Joey will have little trouble getting Tanya to go in and see Heather. It's a rather odd little cutscene, but in the end Heather/Tanya will indeed realize the truth about her life and her death. This will unlock the Steam Achievement Convergence.

At that point Joey will use the Totem from Madeline to send Heather to safety inside the circle with Father Michael.

In order to help Tanya and Heather you must get them to come to terms with each other.


After sending Heather on her way to Father Michael, Rosa and Joey will return to Grace School and one of two paths opens up:

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