Madeline & The Endgame Walkthrough

Blackwell Epiphany

This walkthrough picks up the story after Rosa and Joey have saved the last spirit and returned to the Grace School. If you are after the Steam Achievement Epiphany then you'll want to make sure you explore all dialogue options with Madeline. She will reveal much of Joey and how he became a spirit guide. You really don't want to skip over too much of the dialogue from this point on.

Detailed walkthrough for defeating Madeline in the Endgame of Blackwell Epiphany.

The First Encounter with Madeline

Upon returning to Grace School after saving the last spirit you'll have an encounter with Madeline. Apparently she has been behind this whole mess. In addition, she has a special treat in store for Rosa and Joey.

After saving both spirits, Rosa and Joey are betrayed by Madeline.

After Madeline has possessed Rosa she will leave Grace School and walk to the far left. Unfortunately for her she can't move any further. Have Joey use his Tie on Rosa/Madeline and he will force Madeline to leave Rosa's body.

To save Rosa from Madeline's control Joey must use his Tie on her.

Rosa and Lauren in the Void

Rosa will awaken in the Void. Go one screen to the right and you'll discover her Aunt Lauren from Blackwell Unbound. For now have Rosa sit with her Aunt and take advantage of the chance to have a solid dialogue with her.

Once you are done with Lauren, all Rosa will be able to do is end the conversation. At that point you'll have to switch back to Joey.

Rosa gets a chance to have a long conversation with her Aunt Lauren in the Void.

Benjiro and Bellevue Hospital

When you switch back to Joey have him exit Rosa's cell through the door on the right. Then have him exit through the hall at the top left of the screen. Now send him through the door on the far left end of the hall.

In this small ramshackle storage room Joey can find one item of interest. A piece of Paper stuck to the wall. Have Joey read the Paper to find out that Benjiro was in the cell next to Rosa's and that he died in that cell.

Have Joey read the Paper on the wall of the Locker Room to uncover the fate of Benjiro.

Have Joey go talk to Benjiro in his cell. It is right across from the door to Rosa's cell. Until you talk to Benjiro with the option including his name he will act like a completely lost and disjoined spirit.

The moment that you mention his name he'll snap right back to the here and now. He knows everything that is happening and can explain it to you.

After the conversation with Benjiro have Joey follow him out of his cell and through the hall exit in the top right corner of the screen.

When you catch up with Benjiro he will explain to you what is happening. Then, of course, he will run away, leaving you and Rosa to clean up the mess alone.

After showing Joey the Vortex Benjiro flees.

Rosa and Lauren Escape the Void

After Benjiro is gone have Joey return to Rosa. Have Joey talk to her. He'll go on on for a little while and then the game will switch to Rosa.

Once the game has switched to Rosa click on the exit at the top right of the screen. After a short struggle she will get up and you'll be able to move her. Again click to have her leave via the top of the screen.

You'll encounter a ledge on the next screen. Have Rosa try to climb it and after she fails have her return to talk to her Aunt Lauren.

Work your way through the dialogue options to convince Lauren to help her.

Once Lauren is ready to help Rosa, head back to the Ledge. Have Rosa try to climb the ledge. This time she can make it with Lauren's help.

Exit via the left side of the screen. Here is where you get a chance to unlock the Steam Achievement Laying it Bear. Just click on Lauren in this area to talk to her. Do it twice and she will tell you about the bear Rosa has in her apartment. This will unlock the Achievement.

Rosa must talk to Aunt Lauren a few times before leaving the Void in order to unlock the Steam Achievement Laying It Bear.

After exhausting the dialogue between Rosa and Laren simply have the two of the continue following the path to the Light. At the light Rosa and Lauren will part ways. Rosa will awaken in her cell in Bellevue.

Rosa's Escape from Bellevue

Escaping from Bellevue is actually quite easy. There are only a few steps you must complete and they are laid out pretty clearly. First of all, once Rosa has awakened in her cell, move her over to the door to her Cell.

It takes a bit but you can get her there. Once Rosa says she can't go any further you should be able to click on the little flap at the bottom of the door. Do this to have Rosa poke it open with her foot.

Move Rosa over to the door and then click on the Door Flap to have her poke it open with her foot.

Now switch to Joey and have him leave Rosa's cell. Then send him up through the hallway exit at the top left corner of the screen. Further down the hall Joey will spot an open door in the wall at the top of the screen. Head through the door.

There is a scalpel on the floor. Have Joey use his Wind Power on it. What you have to do is keep blowing on it and follow it all the way to Rosa. Joey will be able to blow it through the slot on the bottom of Rosa's Door.

Joey needs to find the Scalpel in the room down the hall.

Once Joey has blown the Scalpel through the door flap, switch to Rosa and click on the scalpel. Rosa will then cut herself free.

Have Rosa pick up the Scalpel and use it on the top and the left wall. She will uncover an old pipe and a vent. Have Rosa take the old pipe and use it on the Vent. With Rosa, click on the Vent to make her climb through it.

Use the scalpel on the walls to reveal a hidden pipe and a hidden vent.

Once Rosa is in the Storage Room have her open the Closet against the back wall. Inside it she will find a key, which is actually an elevator key, and she will also find her clothes.

In the Storage Room Closet Rosa will find both the Elevator Key and her Clothes.

Once Rosa has both her clothes and the key, have her exit the Storage Room. Just keep going right until you reach the elevator. That's one screen past Rosa's cell.

To escape Bellevue all Rosa needs to do is use the Key on the Elevator. Rosa and Joey will automatically enter the elevator and leave.

To escape Bellevue just have Rosa use the Elevator Key on the Elevator.

Dealing with Madeline

When Rosa and Joey arrive at Grace School have them go inside. You need to have Rosa take the Chalk from Father Michael's pocket. With the chalk in hand head upstairs.

There will be a short dialogue between Madeline, Joey, and Rosa.

Rosa needs to take the Chalk from Father Michael's pocket.

Talking to Madeline won't work other than for information gathering. Instead have Joey use his Tie on Rosa. This is where you need the chalk. Have Rosa use the Chalk on the platform in the Void.

Once Rosa has finished the Chalk Circle have Joey use his Tie on it. This will allow them to create a circle and totem just like Madeline did earlier.

Rosa needs to use the chalk on the platform to create a circle. Then Joey needs to charge the Circle and create his Totem by using his Tie on it.

Once the Circle is charged and Joey has his Totem it's time for Rosa to leave the Void and return to Madeline. Upon returning have Joey use his Totem (his Tie) on Madeline.

To defeat Madeline Joey must use his Totem on Madeline.


Once Joey has used his Totem on Madeline you're into the endgame cutscenes and interactions. We hope you've enjoyed our walkthroughs for Blackwell Epiphany.

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Madeline & The Endgame Walkthrough - Blackwell Epiphany