Steam Achievements

Blackwell Unbound

Below is our detailed guide to unlocking the 10 Steam Achievements in Blackwell Unbound.

Medium Well Done:

To obtain this achievement all you need to do is complete the game.

Take it on the Chin:

Only be hit once by the Saxaphone player. This is easy since you only need to have Joey talk to him once to get the information you need. For more information please see: Roosevelt Island Promenade Walkthrough - Blackwell Unbound

Trying to Cut Down:

For this achievement Lauren must smoke less than 20 cigarettes by the end of the game. To accomplish this you have to use Joey as little as possible, and do things as quickly as possible when you must use him.

Chain Smoker:

To get this achievement you need to have Lauren smoke at least 100 cigarettes by the end of the game. There are two easy ways to accomplish this. One is a bit more cheaty, but works. Take control of Joey and simply walk away for a while. Lauren will smoke one after another while you are in control of Joey. Another way is to use the lighter on the pack of cigarettes in Lauren's inventory.


At anytime before you record the piano player at Johnny Ivory's, you need to listen to all the of Dream recordings on her Dictaphone.

Shiva Call:

In the game Shiva Call there is a character named Russell Stone. Look up his name in the phone book at Lauren's Apartment and then have her call him.


Before you lay to rest the spirit of Isaac Brown you need to take 4 photos. Take photos of Joey, the piano player at Johnny Ivory's, Dwayne at Jambalaya Records, and the ghost of Isaac Brown on the Promenade.

Floating Head:

At Johnny Ivory's use your case list on the table at the bottom of the screen, the one with the chair. This will cause the piano player's head to levitate and he'll laugh. That will unlock the achievement.

Comentary Mode:

Turn on Commentary Mode, then start a new game and play it till the end with Commentary Mode on.

Laught It Up:

Find the game's blooper reel. This one can be quite easy and quite annoying. To unlock the blooper reel you'll need to take a picture of Joey. Then once you've completed the game you'll be shown the photo album. If you click on Joey's picture in the photo album you'll get an extras menu including audio bloopers. If you click on that it will ask you to enter a code but fill it out automatically. If you try to open these extras before completing the game, it will ask you for the code, but it will not be filled in for you.